Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is it winter yet?

Is it winter yet? Not according to the calendar. But what do calendars know about weather forcasting. We have certainly had a taste of winter weather with 10+" of snow and below 0 temperatures with 25-30 mph winds,sending the wind chills to -25 and-30. Makes our new electric heat furnca/air conditioner run all of the time. At least it is a lot more energy efficient than our old one. We still have to use our space heater when the north wind blows. But we are keeping warm. We have been reading a lot during this cold snap. Its too cold outside to do anything more than run out and make sure the dog has food & water and to get the mail. I just finished reading Sarah Palin's book,Going Rogue,and I have to say that I am very impressed with her writing. She gives a lot of insight into the political process and what happens in the aftermath a a failed run for president. This book should be required reading for all American citizens who are interested in the diraection that our country is going. Especially if you think that changes need to be made in the path that our elected leaders are taking us down. I will get of of my soapbox now and talk about more important things. Since I last wrote we have added 3 new greatgrand chidren to our ever growing family. We now have 35 grand children & 18 greatgrans. Also Micah & his family just moved to Nebraska from Bellingham,Washington. Micah is working with Josh in the building trades. If you haven't checked Chip's blog you are missing out on some very good comments about what he has been reading. We trust that everyone has a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Never forgetting the reason that we remember this special time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ. God Bless us everyone!! gramps

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Marsha said...

That sounded like a "Christmas letter". I wondered if I could use a blog to "send" out a letter this year? Maybe I will yet. Thanks for writing!