Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28 2009

Winter is still with us. We had 2-3" of snow yesterday and 30+ mph north wind. There have been enough warm days the past 2 weeks to cause the trees to start budding & I am thinking seriously about ordering seeds to start plants for my garden. We now have a new granddaughter. Lane & Karla just arrived back home from China where they picked up their adopted daughter. Her name is Genvieve & she is 2 years of age. Lani & part of her family met them at the airport. Lane & Karla's boys were there as well. lane called today & filled us in on their trip. We had our first visitor to our birdfeeder today. A pair of goldfinches showed up this morning for a short visit, then I saw the male return this afternoon. He still has his winter coat and is not as colorful as he will be later on. Marsha & I pulled up the carpet in our dining room & relaced it with a cermic coated tile. we will do the kitchen next & maybe the bathroom. Scott hired to men to put in our sliding glass door in the dining room. we now have a well lit room & a great view to the West. Becca & Kristi rode their horses into the yard to get a good look at our new sliding glass door. We love it! That's all folks. time to say goodnight and may God be your friend & guide through the coming days. He will never let you down. Love & prayers Gramps