Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Ramblings

July 7 2011. I cant't believe that it has been over 18 months since I last wrote on my blog. It isn't that I am so busy, it is just that I don't take the time to write. except for adding another dog to our little nest out in the west,Nothing much has changed. Griff is a Brussels Griffon and lives in our house with us. We have had rain this week, at least 3" in the last 24 hrs. It has been hot & humid. Good for the garden & also the weeds. Mowed part of the lawn today, will probably finish tomorrow. Provided it isn't raining. Didn't go anywhere or do anything spectacular to celebrate our nations independence day. We just stayed home and took it easy. Seems like I do that alot these days. Celebrated 82nd birthday by going to Omaha for an eye exam. Have to go back on the 21st for more tests. Rebbeca took me on the 26th & we had lunch together. Becca is in Haiti now, so will have to work out something else. They will be dilating my eyes so I won't be able to drive. We are both slowing down. The ravages of age are catching up. Do a lot more resting now than in previous years. If the size of my squash plants is any indication it looks as if we will have an over abundance this year. Tomatoes are doing fair. Will have more than last year. Accoring to the stuff that Becca puts in her blog, God is doing great things amongst the Christians there. You should check out her blog. Maybe all of the teams that are going from here to there will make a difference among Christians here. End of story time to quit. Until next time May the God Lord take Liki'n to you. Gramps