Thursday, May 24, 2007

Deer in the yard

We had just finished eating and were cleaning up. I had just turned my computer on when my wife said "honey there is a deer in our front yard". Now this may not seem like a big thing to some of you, but for someone who has lived in Lincoln & the vicinity for the last 30 years, it was exciting. I ran to the window and looked out to see this big doe eating out of the bird feeder that I put out for the blackbirds & starlings. Now I know what happened 2 nights ago. We had a storm & it rained most of the night. The wind had been blowing all day and we had some gusts of 30 mph. I didn't think much about when I looked out the next morning & the tray for the feeder was on the ground, actualy it was leaning up against the base just like someone had put it there. We thought that it may have been a deer but I couldn't find any tracks. I dismissed it as a freak of nature. Now I have changed my mind. We have a deer in the area that likes bird seed. I have my tomato plants in & thet are doing great, Potatoes & beans are growing & the rain came at just the right time. I will have to rethink my fencing of the garden though. Chicken wire will not keep the deer out. With those long legs she can just step over my fence. I will have to do some research on keeping deer out of the garden. My workshop is coming along. I moved all of my power tools in last week & have started the process of deciding where the tools will be located. I purchased 4 flourescent shop lights & have 2 of them up. I think that I will have to put in some more outlets. I am considering putting in another circuit just for the saws. We put up finch feeders & have been enjoying watching the finches vying for positions on the perches. We have seen as many as 6 at one time at the 2 feeders. We also have orioles coming to our feeders as well as sparrows & blackbirds. Chelly told us how to really attract the orioles, cut an orange in half & put it on the feeder support. The orioles drink the juice & eat the pulp. The other birds don't bother the oranges. We are constanly amazed at God's goodness. We are so blest. I think that I have about rambled down, it is time for this old man to fold up his computer & think about hitting the hay. Goodnight & God bless each of you. Gramps