Monday, January 29, 2007

Its a done deal

It is a done deal. The closing on the property was today. Harry is moving out and we are going out tomorrow to look at the property and make decisions as to paint color and decide how our furniture will fit in this house. We will be moving soon. Have a lot of packing to do. The Saints couldn't get it done, not for lack of trying though. The Bears will take the Super Bowl. An Artic front is moving across the state and we will see colder temperatures than we have had so far this winter. Hopefully it will pass through the state quickly. I don't tolerate the cold as well as I did 20 years ago. Seems like my feet are cold all of the time now. Looking forward to spring and getting a garden ready to plant. We will have a better area for a garden. Lincoln has never been good for gardening. Worked most of the morning sorting and repacking yarn that has been in our basement storeroom for several years. Suprisingly in excellent condition. Found several unfinished projects that will get worked on once we get settled in. God continues to poor out His blessings. We are constantly amazed at how fast and smoothly everything has come together since I retired. Goodnight. Pleasant dreams and God bless you

Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter has arrived

We have had snow the last 3 weekends. The latest dumped 8 - 10 inches of new snow. Temperatures aren't too bad. Some single digits at night, but mostly in the mid to upper 20's in the afternoon. As too the unusual temps in Europe I can only say that as we approach the end times I believe that there will be unusual temperature swings. Like Southern California citrus crop and seemingly milder winters in the midwest & plains states. I don't believe it has anything to do with global warming. To change the subject, we are getting ready to make a change. We will be leaving Lincoln and moving 100 miles west. The house is nice and a little larger than the one we are in at present. It is situated on 5.22 acres and is a corner lot 1 mile west of Marsha and Scott. We are looking forward to getting out of Lincoln and being out where we can see a sunrise and a sunset. We are so blessed to have this opportunity. We give all of the praise and glory to God for bringing this about. I am especially looking forward to having a garden and having room to grow more than I could here in town. That is enough rambling for this time. Check in again soon and see what the next few days or weeks will bring. May God richly bless all who take the time to read my ramblings. Gramps

Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13,2006

Good evening to one & all. It is a typical winter day here. I woke up this morning to single digit temps & snow covering the ground. This is the first really cold weather that we have had. We have had more snow, but not the bone chilling cold. ince I am now retired I don't have to be concerned about getting the pickup started and the snow and frost cleared from the windows & windshield. So about 10:00 I thought that I had better clean the snow off of the front steps & the sidewalk. The snow was light & dry so I just swept it off with a broom. Someone had already cleaned the sidewalk for me. I think that it was probably the neighbors to the east of us. Yesterday was not our typical lazy day. Melody & her 2 little ones arrived about 9:30, and the proceeded to get out something to play with & their attention span is short so the go from one thing to another. They are good kids, not to noisy or screaming. Melody worries about them because the seem, to her, to be making a mess of Grandma's house. But it isn't as bad as she thinks. I have been reading from a magazine called The Good News. It is published by the United Church of God. There are some very timely & interesting articles about Iraq, Iran & the other countries in that area. There are also some interesting sidebars. The magazine is free, just go to & you will be on their mailing list. I think I am about out of space so will close with Psalm 119:148 God bless all of you. Gramps