Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 2009

As most of you know we lost one of our brightest last month. Scott Burkitt was killed in a one car accident & as he requested his organs were donated to help others. According to the doctors,Scotty, by his donation helped to save 6 lives. The memorial service was July 25th & was a great tribute to Scotty. All of our children & most of their spouses were able to be there. It was a time for all of us to visit & to renew our faith & to realize that we never know when God will call us Home. Mark, Amy & family still need our support during this trying time. Everyone has gone back to their various homes & jobs & the tendency is to get all involved in our lives & forget about the things that have happened. I urge you to remember that it could just have well been one of your own that this unfortunate accident happened to. So praise God for His blessings & remember to pray for Mark & Amy. Since I last wrote to you spring has gone & we are almost half way through the summer months. It has been unseasonably cool these last few days & my tomatoes aren't ripening like the should. But the weatherman says that we it is going to be warmer this next week so they will probably ripen fast now. I have dug about half of my potatoes & have over 100 pounds. I will have sweet potatoes later & maybe a few carrots. We have seen deer & a groundhog in our front yard as well as the many birds that flock to the feeders. There are rabbits & ground squirrels & occasionly I get a whiff of a skunk when I go out in the evening. All things considered it has been a great year. The Yankees & the White Sox are winning & Tiger is back on the golf course. I think that I will close & go watch him play. So long until next time and Gob bless all who read my ramblings. Gramps